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    Eric Rodriguez

    Principal Consultant

    About Eric Rodriguez

    Born and raised in Las Cruces, I continue to live here with my wife Stephanie and our mischievous 4 pets. Currently I work as a Support Specialist for Apple Inc as a remote employee in my own home office. In addition I am the owner of Zia IT Consulting, and continue to work with numerous local small-to-medium businesses as a their I.T Consultant. I enjoy working with technology as a hobby and career and I take great pride in my work to ensure that it is of high caliber, affordability, and reliability.

    The information technology age we are living in is much like the industrial revolution of the early 1900s, it is changing the way we live and in great big ways. Working with Information technology allows me as an individual to help others around me dream, implement and support their great ideas through the usage of technology. By utilizing technology in a creative fashion, every one of us has the ability to be the architect of our own world and success. As your trusted technology partner we too can do great things with teamwork and using the tools we have right in-front of us.